Whiskey & Zombies® Set For Holiday Release As Nuttery Inks Global Distribution Deal With French Publisher

Swedish-based game developer Nuttery Entertainment has signed Whiskey & Zombies® to a global distribution deal with Montpellier-based Plug In Digital, making it part of their curated line-up of acclaimed titles. The top-down, whiskey-chugging, and zombie-punching horror/comedy adventure is slated for worldwide release for PC (Windows and OSX).

The game is story-driven and centered around four characters from the same family, each playable solo or with up to 4 people in co-op mode. Future updates will add more game modes. A port to mobile and consoles is planned for 2021.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Plug In Digital, ensuring this game can reach and entertain gamers everywhere. They have shown such a passion when releasing other titles that it was an easy decision for us to let them take care of Whiskey & Zombies and future games.”

Magnus Jansson, CEO of Nuttery Entertainment

“We are very pleased with this new partnership with Nuttery Entertainment. It’s in our DNA to spot and support talented indie studios, especially when they carefully craft such a wacky and fun game. Whiskey & Zombies will be a great addition to our game portfolio, and we will be committed to achieve the best business deals for it!”

Francois Ingrand, CEO of Plug In Digital

Whiskey & Zombies ® is a comedic spin on the classic stealther/brawler genre, juxtapositioning levity, and humor with horror and survival. In the Zombie Apocalypse, only moonshine whiskey is strong enough to kill the virus, but the more you drink, the harder the game becomes. Elevating the comedy and suspense, co-producer ELIAS Software and its adaptive music engine brings a banjo-driven, metal-inspired country soundtrack that adapts seamlessly based on a player’s drunkenness and game intensity.

“We developed Whiskey & Zombies together with gamers from day one, attending several comic-con events worldwide where we developed and playtested new features based on actual players’ feedback. Plug In Digital understands the need to listen to and engage with the audience which is key for us.”

Erik Öhrner, Founder and Producer at Nuttery Entertainment

The demo version is currently available on Steam. For more information about the game go to www.whiskeyandzombies.com