Whiskey & Zombies is what happens when a retro, arcade-inspired, co-op stealther/brawler gets together with a comedy/horror story-driven adventure — Laughs, shriek-out-loud moments, and some good old button-mashing! Joining us on this whiskey-fueled rampage through the digital gritty Deep South is our partner Elias Software – kicking the gameplay experience up several notches with their amazing adaptive music engine and incredible score. The game is currently out on PC and distributed by Plug In Digital. | Check out the game on Steam


A Free-To-Play Augmented Reality Location-Based mobile game featuring Hello Kitty brought to the world courtesy of Goodbye Kansas in partnership with Sanrio. This is the second time we have had the privilege to be involved in a major Sanrio project and their illustrious non-feline madame. Unlike the first time, we are not producing the game — we just lent a feeble hand in the early stages setting this up and we’re on board an associate producer capacity.

Sign up for early access and get an amazing gift when the game is launched here!


Together with Storytel, we are creating the next chapter in an incredible legacy IP together with Sweden’s most beloved children’s authors Sören & Anders – Håkan Bråkan.


THE NUTTERY is a humble and ruggedly handsome indie outfit creating premium content by bringing together world-class creative and top-tier partnerships.  Our focus is on gaming and animation entertainment across different genres and age groups. If you have a great concept, an idea for a collaboration, or just wanna say what’s up.  Drop us a line and Tammy Lou over here will respond in proportion to the message.

Magnus Jansson

CEO & Creative Director

Erik Öhrner

COO & Creative Producer

Lee Adams

Chief Marketing Officer